Which National Park is best for your Family Vacation Ideas & Planning 2018

The adventurers and nature lovers in us always try to find solace in the lap of nature with the most picturesque and grandiose setting. While some wants to rave the natural landscape with their energetic activities, there are others who just wants to embrace the slow pace of life only to get completely mingled with the scenic surroundings. To address the variety of travel aspirations, nature is given protective care and nurture through well designated habitats of flora and fauna we know as National Parks.

National Parks around the world boast of a great variety of spectres, landscapes, plantations and wildlife. From emerald blue lakes to the landscape of fiery red stones to the lush greenery habituated with most extinct and exotic wildlife species to the large glaciers and snow peaks to the lustrous verdant meadows, every nature lover can find his or her immersive natural setting through these vast parks.

Here we are introducing top 10 national parks for your next wildlife vacation.

Yosemite National Park, USA

It is one of the most visited national parks with pristine natural setting with blooming wildflowers, scenic falls crystalline blue water lakes, dark pine forests and snowy peaks. It is the ideal natural habitat for an immersive experience and is the perfect place for camping and staying in recluse for a few days.

Göreme National Park, Turkey

This vast national park in the Cappadocia of Turkey is famous for the ancient homes built within the natural lime rock settings. These cave like homes deep within the line rock structures with their fairy chimneys offers a unique spectre draped in a sense of antiquity and heritage. This world famous national park is also known world over for its ancient Byzantine cave frescoes and almost a full city structure deep underground.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa

Serengeti National Park spreading across 5,700 square miles in northern Tanzania is known as the richest reserve of wild animals and the wild animals roaming over miles and miles of grasslands make the iconic spectre. You can see hordes of lions roaring over an unsuspecting prey in gushing speed. The safari inside the park is one of the most celebrated experience to watch wild African beasts live in action.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

Visited every year by millions of travelers from all over the world this vast landscape of ancient stone formations creating deep gorges and serpentine caves makes one of the spectacular visual experience for any nature lovers. Outdoor camping with crystal clear night star studded sky to raving inside the gorges and serpentine canals to a hiking endeavour across vast spaces, Grand Canyon offers too much for a immersive nature experience.


It is the very first national park of the world and is one of the most popular and visited one to this day thanks to its awesome variety of scenic natural spectres across sprawling 2.2 million acres. From explosive natural hot water springs to craggy peaks to crystal blue alpine lakes, deep forests, and a rich reserve of wild animals, it offers too many to become the nature lover’s paradise.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Sprawling over a million acres in Montana it is one of the most popular national parks. The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road offers a spectacular drive famous among travellers all around the world. The vast spaces dotted by snowy peaks and glaciers and grasslands make this a great place to camp and savour an immersive nature stay.

Iguazu National Park, Argentina/Brazil

The Iguazu National Park located on the Argentina/Brazil is famous for the world’s biggest waterfall and a scenic wildlife all around. From enjoying the roaring gutter punching spectre and sound of the Iguazu falls to strolling in the quaint forest pathways watching migratory birds make one of the exclusive nature experiences.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

Kaziranga National Park located in the Assam state of North East India is famous for being the natural habitat of many extinct wildlife species including one horned rhinos and several extinct birds species. Sprawling over a verdant and lush green landscape dotted with rolling hills and accompanied by the spectacular Brahmaputra river it offers one of the most unforgettable jungle safari experience with a ride on the elephant back.

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