Top 4 Shopping Spots In Paris Women’s Cannot Afford To Miss!

Paris is not just limited to the home of the Eiffel Tower, but there are many other places like Notre Dame Cathedral and Montmartre and is also considered as one of the best destinations for shopping. One of the most exciting and a dream place especially for women’s to enjoy their vacations, honeymoons and anniversaries.

Where else in the world you will be able to find such assortments of fine wines, food, cheese and other gastronomical delights, luxury, and fashion? I am pretty sure that you might have heard about big brands names like Chanel, Cartier, Louis and many more. So, regardless of your economical budget, Paris has got everything for you. So women’s, just pack your bags tight and check out these famous destinations for your wardrobe that you cannot afford to miss out.

1. Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann is the symbol of the French lifestyle. It is one of the biggest and leading brand’s stores that exhibit the best designs across all 3 buildings. One of the world’s largest department stores that leverages unique shopping experience to all shopaholic visitors. It offers 1 Decleor spa, 14 restaurants, and 2 channel treatment booths. Fashion and gastronomy are in close quarters with Lafayette Gourmet. One of the best places to celebrate and enjoy French lifestyle.

2. Beaugrenelle Paris

It is the new Parisian shopping mall accompanied by french deco, cinemas, fashion brands, restaurants, café and a famous M&S food store. Also, do not forget to visit Pâtisserie des Rêves and ask for their amazing and unforgettable Paris-Brest.

3. Map

An amazing and one of the biggest markets in the Paris. Try to spare few hours women to visit versatile areas of this market. Also be careful while you travel through metro or walk through Porte de Clignan court as there are some cunning people that might harass you while entering the market.

4. Les Halles

This shopping mall and metro stops consist of almost every modern shop you have always dreamt about. It is one of the biggest urban train stations in Europe that house millions of young hipsters and shops. Forum des Halles is one of the second most shopping malls frequently visited in France for swimming pool, cinema, and restaurant & shopping.

So, get ready women’s, carry all the essentials with you and get high on your Paris trip.

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