8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Travelers

Giving gifts can be easy but most of the time we have a hard time choosing the right gifts. This can be twice as difficult if your special person loves traveling. Among other awesome gifts, travelers need practical, lightweight, and useful gifts. This is surely not an easy thing to decide, but we have summed up 8 awesome gift ideas for travelers.


Multi-tool is a good gift idea for those who love hiking and trekking. That new type of Swiss army best survival knives is a good tool when traveling around. It can be used for multiple purposes from opening a can of beans, untying shoelaces, and even opening bottle cap. It surely comes in handy for travelers.

A good backpack or luggage

There are two types of traveler: those who travel with a backpack and those who travel with luggage. Whatever the choice, both backpack and luggage carry travelers’ life around the world. So, it will always worth every penny to give them a high-quality backpack and luggage. However, to find a good backpack or luggage is not easy. You need to make a small research first before buying one.

Soft water bottle

Keep the body hydrated during traveling is crucial. But the problem is not every country’s water is ready to drink. A soft water bottle which can be refilled for multiple times becomes travelers’ favorite in no time. It is light and handy but does not take much space in the bag. Instead of buying bottled water, bring soft water bottle is certainly better for you and the planet as well.


We all know that phone has limited battery life for maximum two days only. But the problem is we cannot find a charger in every place that we visit. Luckily, someone invented this fancy gadget we know as power bank or travel charger. Powerbank with decent capacity can be a true lifesaver for travelers.

Noise canceling headphones

Traveling is always nice but sometimes getting in tranquility means a lot. Noise canceling headphones can be a great gift for travelers. It will be a good company in noisy train, plane, and also car trips.

Travel adaptor

The gadget is one of the most important things every traveler would bring. Do you ever wonder what is more important than gadget? Yes, it is travel adaptor. We all use the gadget to connect with family at home, taking pictures, sharing the adventures with the world, and more. That is why travel adaptor will be a perfect gift for a traveler.

A good book

A good book can be a good friend. There is always a way a good book turned into a good company such as when waiting for flight and such. So, pick a book that they will love and it will be a good company for them.

Selfie stick

Selfie stick is new but it struck like lighting. It is light, foldable, and also helps you take a photo. So, there will be no more asking stranger to take your picture because you can take pictures on your own.

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