15 Weird But Effective Checklist for Best Travelling Experience

Heading towards Switzerland without a woolen jacket? Caught without a pair of slippers?  Ahh! This last minute packing and stuffs. With your flight booking and hotel reservations done, luggage is the most boredom stuff that pulls you back from enjoying the great holiday with your family or beloved. So, to avoid your holiday disasters, follow our holiday checklist to enjoy from the deepest.

Checklist #1: Make a list of essentials and desirables and stay realistic from your luggage limitations.

Checklist #2: Do not forget to carry first aid box with you.

Checklist #3: Avoid carrying too much of liquid in your handbag.

Checklist #4: Place name tags on luggage

Checklist #5: Do not overload your luggage with unwanted stuff. Follow the instructions and carry the weight within decided weight boundaries.

Checklist #6: Save some bag space for your holiday purchases

Checklist #7: Avoid carrying shoes and heavy weighted stuff

Checklist #8: Try to minimize your cosmetics and hair and face essentials

Checklist #9: Keep all valuable things in your handbag or hand luggage to avoid future risk and dangers involved.

Checklist #10: Don’t forget to carry adapters, power banks, and charger

Checklist #11: Pack best and classy outfits rather than carrying everything you love to wear.

Checklist #12: Just check the weather

Checklist #13: Avoid carrying hurtful things during travelings like the knife, scissors, filer and many more.

Checklist #14: If you believe that this particular set of things is useful to you, keep it on top.

Checklist #15: Do not leave your home without any kind of essentials.

So, this was the ultimate checklist you should keep in mind while traveling. Just check out the list and follow it to enjoy the fullest of your traveling trip. Keep calm and stay updated for more updates.

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