10 Most Haunted Place On Earth

Adventure travel reaches a new height when you travel in haunted places shrouded in mystery and chilling stories that still invokes a ghostly atmosphere. There are places where even the most rational being feels thawrted with deadening silence pierced by a mysterious shrill that locals associate with resident ghosts. If you are interested to take part in such chilling experience offered by haunted places, we are here to guide you with 10 most haunted places from around the globe.

1. Paris Catacombs, France

Just beneath the city of Paris dead bodies and their remains deposited for centuries made the most haunted and labyrinthine place that most visitors consider a must visit attraction of the city. Yes, it is Paris Catacombs which lures every visitor with its spiderweb like tunnels with human skulls and bones arranged all around creating a hair-raising experience for anyone. The tunnels are so gloomy at places and make such crisscrossing network deep inside that many visitors every year get lost trying to find their way out of that dark world full of human remains and hollow skulls.

2. Highgate cemetery, England

Stepping inside Highgate Cemetery you are bound to remember the horror movie setting of many movies. From numerous headless statues to dark and creaky pathways with dilapidated grassy pavements and old grave stones falling off, all these together created the ideal horror setting to make this as the most haunted place in the entire England. The silence and the gothic architecture also takes you in a time travel through a world long evaporated in time.

3. Island Of Dolls, Mexico

At first visit the curious sight of dolls hanging from trees in a seemingly dilapidated and forlorn island seems to offer too much of haunted stuff. But without being overwhelmed with the feeling of unknown horror, it is better to take a closer look and take some snaps since you cannot find such a unique haunted place elsewhere. According to a legend it is inspired by a girl who were drowned in a nearby Mexican canal. Some visitors fancy that the eyes of the hanging dolls really follow them. Some also reports of listening whisper and sound of laugh at times.

5. Aradale Asylum, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

It is almost a segregated village within another village in the Australian countryside. Aradale Asylum built way back in 1867 is a sprawling complex that has seen more than 13,000 death of inmates within its boundary. Many alleges that many of these deaths are mysterious to the core and their ghosts can still be sensed through various paranormal activities.

6. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh Fort, located in the princely state of Rajasthan of India shares many similarities with many of the royal forts and palaces spread across India with just one difference. Unlike most other forts it is wrapped in mystery and is feared by many travellers when facing the challenge of visiting its interior corridors alone. This ghostly fame made locals name it ‘Bhoot Bangla’ in Hindi which means the Fort of Ghosts. People say a curse from a holy man who was in defiance with the building of this fort caused the fort to become haunted.

7. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

The Aokigahara Forest which is also called as the Sea of Trees witnessed the second largest number of suicides in the world following only the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. Most people say that the spirits of those unhappy departed souls make the place a haunted place full of paranormal activities.

8. Penang War Museum, Ghost Hill, Penang, Malaysia

This war museum atop a hill which is called Ghost Hill is referred as one of the most haunted places by the National Geographic. Built as a defence fortress way back in the 1930s by the British it was invaded by Japan in 1941. After the Japanese occupation the place sold too many beheadings and murders. It is said that the ghost of a cruel Japanese officer still wanders inside frightening outsiders and travelers.

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